annoying rattle


Can anyone help?
Annoying rattle when driving i think it might be the Cat.
Can anyone please help?
How Much for a new one?
Where from?

Annoying rattle

Forgot to mention i drive a sporty elxi 1996.


Hello mate, is the rattle there when its stationary, and givin a bit of rev? or is it only when driving?
There is a big horrid heat shield around the cat, it could be that coming adrift?
Get someone to rev it a little whilst aving a look underneath, The cat Kwik-fit sell new for £180, But you can find s/had units for £40.


Hello, Thanks for quick response.
Its sounds more that a rattle the sound is there when i give it revs and it seems to get louder when i slow down and change gear. Have no idea!


Sounds like the rattle is from the exhaust down pipe, between the manifold and the cat. Its made up of to two pipes, one inside the other. Dont ask why ive no idea but iam sure somebody at Daihatsu knows....hopefully! You could try drilling the outside pipe and putting a spot of weld in the hole to join the outside pipe to the inside.

does it rattle all the time i

does it rattle all the time ie when it is cold or just when the engine is hot any smoke when you rev it Unknw

Could sound daft but it's not

Could sound daft but it's not the door hinge ?. Had an annoying rattle on mine and eventually traced it to that


Heat shield loose next to the cat. Check the exhaust rubber hangers are working and not broken/stretched.

Before you buy a cat check if the vehicle is legal without a cat. I recollect 1996 was about the time cats were obligatory but I think pre 1996 cars are legal without cat. [ask you MOT centre] Go to you local motor shop and view a suppliers catalogue. You will discover a Sporty complete exhaust system is availably without a cat!