Sportrak Clutch


Before installing the new(er) engine in my 1990 Sportrak EL, I want to replace the clutch (and timing belt, of course).

I've found the three-piece clutch kits run about £90+VAT, but Milner's has them for £60+VAT+£7 shipping, but they say "up to 7/1993". (PN 000560)

Does anyone know the difference between a pre-93 and post-93 clutch?

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with these £60 clutches from Milner's?

Worth checking out ebay !!!!!

Worth checking out ebay !!!!!, they were listing a complete Fourtrak clutch a while back and I think it went for £35 I bought a brand new pair of rear leaf springs with U bolts hangers and full set of bushes for £30 recently.