Warning Light - What does it mean ?


My imported Rocky has recently started to get a red warning light coming on for about the first 5 minutes after I start the ignition. It looks like a picture of an exhaust/catalytic converter with smoke coming off it. I have an F300 manual, but the warning light isn't mentioned. What does it mean, is it serious, how do I fix it Unknw

(The exhaust looks OK, no holes etc.)

Thanks for any help...

warning light

I also have the f300 hand book and shows what your problem is in section 5-4. Hear is what it says:-

"If the exhaust gas temerature rises abnormally while the engine is running, the warning light goes on. Park the vehicle on a place where there is no flamable objects and stop the engine to allow to cool off thoroughly (about 15 minuets) Then ,have the system checked by a Daihatsu dealer as soon as possible."

Once the warning light goes on, it will remain illuminated, even if the exhaust gas termperature drops, unless the trouble is remedied."

Hope this is some help.

A dirty mind is a joy forever

A dirty mind is a joy forever