new 2 4x4


am new to 4x4 i have just got myself a 1993 sportrack
and would like to know how do i check the 4X4 to see it it is working ok

also when it starts up 1st thing from cold it runs like a bag
of hammers like its running on 3 pots
after its warm it feels like its holding back

any help thankx

4x4 working

a number of ways, you can jack her up and watch the prop shaft turn,

Oftern I have used either a steep grass bank or pile of gravel. Driven up until the wheels spin, if a wheel on the front and a wheel on the rear are turning then it works.

I do not about sportraks but it sounds to me like she could do with a good service........plugs, HT leads, check tappet clearances etc...fuel filter (if fitted) (I'm making the assumption they are not hydraulic, but as I said, I'm not a sporty guy)