Free wheel hub lubrication


When I bought my Fourtrak 2 years ago both front hubs(the semi spherical parts that you can see from underneath) were shiney and oily. Now one side is dry and looking a little rusty.

1. How do I lubricate the front hubs?
2. What do I use?

There is a 24mm plug on the upper rear surface that appears to give access to the interior. On the disk manual I have,it specifies packing with grease. However a 4*4 friend stated that a heavy oil is used such as a gearbox oil....

any guidance would be much appreciated....

On the earlier Daihatsus (F20

On the earlier Daihatsus (F20 and F50's) that 24mm nut had a grease nipple in it, allowing grease to be pumped into the swivel housing. I have modified mine on my F75 to do the same. This is the place to fill them, if you dont want to disassemble the whole housing.
You could also pull one or both of the kingpins.
I would use a good quality hi temp bearing grease.
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