fourtrak/bad vibes


hi i have a 1993 independent all wheel bearings /drive shaft/propshaft joints ok still getting a noise not all the time at about 40-50mph itll last for about3-4 seconds any info on what to look for now cheers ian

I've just diagnosed a similar

I've just diagnosed a similar problem. Mine was ok on the road, till you hit a pothole, or bump, then the steering would go crazy, like a hugely out of balance wheel. A dab on the brakes stopped it. The cause, all 4 U bolts on the front axle were loose, allowing the whole front end to shake, rattle and roll all over the place. Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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weird noise

ok how do i tell if the inner rear wheel bearing is on its way out ,all checks the usual way provide me with no clues ,the noise does not go away when the clutch is pressed or brakes applied it only lasts for about 10 seconds then disapeers, badly needing ideas as i need to tow my boat soon

fourtrak/bad vibes

cheers man but i think you are talking about the spring leaf model .i have a independant model,no wobble on front wheels no differance when you brake ,what happens if your propshaft is out of balance,also could rear drive shaft splines into diff cause this noise if worn how do you tell also how do you tell if inner rear wheel bearing is on the way out .ian /edinburgh

Speed-related vibrations are

Speed-related vibrations are normally something out of balance, or a worn bearing, or a broken engine or transmission mount.

If you stay at the same speed, does the vibration continue?

Does it happen upon acceleration and deceleration?

Does it go away if you depress the clutch?

Is it related to wind speed? It could be a loose piece of trim or a even a wiper blade, which would make noise but not a vibration.