1989 2.8td EL Fourtrak fuel consumption


My 1989 2.8td fourtrak runs like a dream but I am a little concerned about its fuel consumption. I am only getting about 190 - 200 miles to a full tank but as I am new to Fourtraks I dont know if this is ok. Most of my driving is around town with a lot of stop & starts Can anyone tell me if this is ok or should it be doing much more?

Fuel Consumption

I have an F75. Many times I have filled the tank to full and checked my around town MPG which comes out at 28MPG. On a recent trip to France I was able to get over 30MPG. I think this is about average for the Fourtrack.

Fuel consumption

Have recently gone up from swb diesel non/t to lwb turbo. Used to get 30 to 35 mpg now getting 20 to 25. Turbo light is on nearly all the time except for idling and when you decelerate. Much more power than non turbo. Is the turbo faulty. Any ideas.

1989 2.8td EL Fourtrak fuel consumption

mmmm your tracky soundin bit thirsty 4track girl i can do a 300 mile journey in my tracky with a full tank n that encludes cuttin the turbo in. dont know if mine any differant to any one elses but worked it out on motorway drivin i gettin 36 miles to gallon town drivin gettin bout 30 32ish ...... with regards woody

Hi 4trakGal, yeah it sounds l

Hi 4trakGal, yeah it sounds like you are getting pretty bad economy there. I usually get at least 250 miles to a tank even if I've been driving in town a lot, towing or driving off-road. Treating the gas pedal with a bit of repect on a long motorway runs, I sometimes get 300 miles out of a tank.

How much fuel does it take to fill your tank? I costs me about £45 to fill up...


Fuel tank capacity

It takes about £37 to fill the tank. I was quite hopeful because i have just motd my fourtrack & found the fuel tank was leaking however we have put a brand new one in & it is no better on consumption. I only really do around town journeys so was hoping it is cos of that.