No 4WD (again) Auto-hub to blame!


Yep, after seeing so mant posts with the same "no 4WD" title, it was bound to happen sooner or later!

went out in the snow this weekend and was gutted when i started slipping round in some pretty feeble stuff... having torn the transfer case guard off aswell i thought i`d mae a right mess of it.. but luckily got back to my mates and removed remains of shield.. poked the snow out... and had a look.. couldnt see anything.. so rund to the wheels to turn the driveshafts and check the hubs... BINGO! N/S hub not locking, result = diff letting all front wheel drive power go to waste.. been to dealers today and they were clueless, there are lots of bits in the front hub, and range from £12 > ~ £137! before i buy bits, how do i know whats phooked, and which bits need changing.. not takien it apart yet as common sense says there will be carnage evrywhere..

pics/walkthrough guide would be VERY much apprechiated! ([email protected]) cheers!