Just bought a caravan and want a good tow car for it - have fell in love with the Daihatsu Fourtrak 2.8 Independent 3d. Looking to spend up to 6K - would love to hear from others as to what I should look out for, experiences with towing and if spares and repairs are reasonable.

Many thanks

Towing vehicle

Saw your post re. caravan towing vehicle. Have you considered a Korando ???, I have a very tidy one for sale at £3,750. It's "R" reg, 1998, top spec 2.9 GLS Diesel with Mercedes 5 cylinder engine and gearbox. These are awesome pulling vehicles and are much more refined than a Fourtrak. (I've got both so you're welcome to try them back to back if interested). The Korando is a better all round car as it's much less agricultural, I'm keeping the 'Trak as I use it when out shooting over the fields and don't want to mess up the Korando too much.

Few more features: Aircon, Towbar with antisnake bracket, disc brakes on all wheels, PAS.

I have pics if you are interested in taking a look I can email to you.

would agree that the fourtrak

would agree that the fourtrak is a very agricultural 4x4, and if your planning long distances you might want to consider something with more comfort.. shogi perhaps? as far as things to look out for... usual 4x4 stuff.. underneath abuse from offroading, leaking diffs/gearboxes general lack of care etc. also check the arches as they seem prone to rot. other than that they are fairly bomb-proof!

Good tow cars. If towing wit

Good tow cars. If towing with foot down and terbo screaming will need to pull into every fuel station you see though. Sensible descretion on the right foot improves this though. The intercooled version will give more power. Again more power produced, more fuel used. Fuel consumption is always a 4x4 drawback though.

It's always good to have solid unworn rubber bushes on suspention, but especially so on the rear of a tow vehicle, as this will reduce the chances of snaking.

If you bye a trak without a towbar fitted, there not stupidly expensive to have put on.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Fourtrak for towing

I bought a Fourtrak Independant 12 months ago for the same reason.I have found it to be an exellent vehicle for this purpose and although my caravan is an old steel chassis model and weighs an absolute ton ,the Fourtrak as never gave me any problems. I paid 7k for mine but found that you really have to shop around for a good one and be willing to travel some distances to find the one for you