sportrak engine conversion???


Does anybody know of any motor that will fit the sportrak gearbox and will go in the bay without too much work please?? mine has eaten its own exhaust valves on cylinder 4 and the parts are so expensive to buy i dont want to repair it, id rather put something cheaper and stronger in it, say a ford zetec maybe?.....

If you get anywhere with this

If you get anywhere with this, please update this thread. I would also be interested in knowing if anything was suitable!


Hi All
dont know about sportraks but ive just completed a conversion on my fourtrack got rid of my 2ltr 3y petrol engine and put in a 1.9 turbo diesal from a citreon xantia, conversion plate and engine mounts were the only big job i had to do, fitted my fourtrack flywheel and starter, its the best thing i ever did the beast now knows no limits..


thats the sort of thing im looking at terry, how did you get round the conversion plate??


i sent you a private message spencer - i thought it might be to long to put on here.


thanks terry, if you could forward me some pics id be truly grateful.

What did you do with the 3Y?

What did you do with the 3Y? And where are you? I may be intrested if you want to sell it, and your not too far from me.

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If you can find one the Daihatsu Applause uses the same engine. I expect you will have to change the clutch and flywheel, and maybe the spigot bearing.

i am pretty sure the daihatsu

i am pretty sure the daihatsu charade 1.6 16valve engine is the same block and head, tho you would need to change the sump and manifolds etc

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies