Location of fuses


Please can anyone tell me where the fusebox the houses the fuse for the courtesy light and (possibly) stereo is located on a J reg 4trak 'Rugger'. I understand that it's a Jap' import. Also, does anyone know where I could buy an owners or workshop manual for this car, the chassis number is F76031997. Thanks.

location of fuses

hi, thanks for that, i found those alright but none of them are blown and i still don't seem to have a live feed to the stereo. when i was swapping it i think the live shorted against something hence no power. i noticed that the cabin courtesy light stopped working at the same time so i guess they're on the same fuse. atb, chris d.

location of fuses

hi to all of you who has replied to my plight. the mystery deepens as i was mucking about with the interior light and it started working again - and so did the stereo!!!!!! could it be that the bulb is acting like a fuse on the stereo live feed????
all ok for now but i wonder if it'll happen again. once again thanks for all the help. chris d

p.s i found a really good daihatsu breaker in the north east called shelley 4x4. their number is 01670772399 and ask for rod.

That is the only fuse box usu

That is the only fuse box usually. Any other fuses tend to be the anoying in line type, that you only find by tracing the wiring. As for the sterio & certosy light being on the same fuse, remember that if this is a second hand car others may well have 'played' with the original wiring (especialy if it's not an original sterio).
I'm afraide it's basicly a trace it & test it (multi meter) sort of problem.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

same problem

i seem to have the same problem. have you found the fuses?

Beside the battery

Check for fuses alongside the main battery. Could be concealed beneath a 'lift type' plastic cover.