Just heard my brothers engine died


My brother has a daihatsu feroza '89 1.6l.
Now I heard that you can replace this motor without modifications with another engine from another daihatsu model. I think it was the applause. Is there someone here that can fill me in on the enginecode and the model of the donorcar required?


martin (holland)

Replacement engine

The engine that both the Feroza/Sportrak use and the Applause is the F300 engine. A number of people on here have transplanted the engines over no problems at all from what i remember.


ok, I went to the dealer toda

ok, I went to the dealer today. The guy there told me that there were a few mods that needs to be done before replacing the engine. I think I'll just take the engine apart. then I can see what's the damage and if it's doable to repair. If not then I can always replace the engine. Thanks