Mira Classic owners post here!


Hello! just checked the site after a month or so, and ive seen a few topics with people talking about the classics. so lets see who is about! Smile

Now then!

I have just purchased a Mira Classic and i am over the moon with the car! I wish to make this car handle better and get the most power out of its small 650cc turbo engine!! I am in talks with HKS uk at the moment about importing some parts for me which i belive they stock in Japan but not in this country! TO MAKE IT GO FAST!! Also i have a friend who is going to make me up a s/steel exhaust system! Once i have finished the mods i shall post up some pics and take the car to RWYB at s/pod for a laugh!!

boost cut

Can anyone confirm L200 boost cut is around 140-150km/h Unknw

I sometime travel long distance, is there a way that I can manually disable boosting... let say at 130km/h Unknw

Fast eh? It seems like half o

Fast eh? It seems like half of Mira Classic owners want to do them up, me included. Biggrin

Anyway let's give you a hand, if it's engine stuff look for Daihatsu Move SR-XX, this is the same engine, the Classic Turbo EF-RL was used in some Miras but it's a rarity whereas the earlier Move SR-XX was a bit more popular!

http://www.hks-power.co.jp/ - HKS do a Blow Off Valve for the Move SR-XX which I have installed, very nice quality item, much better than some cheapo Bailey universal one. They also do a cracking air filter and a power boost kit which increases fuelling (I think).

http://www.palsports.co.jp/ - Palsports do downpipes for the SR-XX and some great Mira L500 lowering springs! Also some nice better turbo kits!

http://www.powerhousedtm.com/ - Powerhouse DTM do some conrods for the EF engine, a few turbos, strut braces etc.

http://www.camskill.co.uk/ - Camskill have a decent selection of general stock parts for the Avanzato some of which will fit the Classic.

Here's what we've established about the Classic Turbo as in what fits and what doesn't -

- Replacement airfilters (for the standard box) for Avanzato should be fine but whole new filter assemblies for the Avanzato will have different piping so you'd have to get some made up - probably not much need as the HKS for Move SR-XX is very good!
- Avanzato stock strut brace bolts right into the Classic
- Avanzato brake pads are same as Classic
- Avanzato clutch is same as Classic BUT with a different bearing
- Due to the engine in position to the bonnet, if you fit a HKS blow off valve it'll fire the air out of the bonnet vent and blast water all over your windscreen if it's just rained, but that's pretty funny anyway and does a much better job than the single windscreen washer jet!

And things I've been unable to find for EF-RL engine currently:

- Different computer (JB-JL ones are all over as are some EF but not EF-RL)
- Off the shelf full exhaust systems (Mira ones are designed for 3 door, Move ones probably wrong length, also take note you'll probably need a bend in it since it's 4WD)

Let us know if you find anything interesting and also how the HKS thing goes as I need to replace my standard filter and fancy theirs!