Please can anyone send me a photo of their FEROZAS engine (1992 model).i looked at mine and there seems to be something missing just to the right of the hose for the air breather.i saw a 1993 SPORTRACKs engine and there is a cylinder shaped casing that might house another air filter.HHHEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!


I have a pic of a feroza engine

Extra canister

The extra canister is an air filter!
The air filter on a feroza is in a round case on top of the engine

You might be missing the char

You might be missing the charcoal filter. It's not an air filter as such, it is part of the emission control system. The charcoal filter absorbs any build-up of pressure in the fuel tank/carb while the engine isn't running. When the engine is started, a vacuum hose from the carb/intake manifold pulls the stored fumes into the engine to be burned.

The UK model doesn't seem to have the charcoal filter, but it is mentioned as being included in other countries.