fluid coming through vents!!!


hey people... my charade 96 tsi is losing fluid through the heater vents... it is definately coming from the radiator somewhere as it is green the same colour as the coolant... i noticed this as i was driving along and the car was overheating... when i pulled up a heap of steam came gushing out the vents!!! i am giving the radiator a flush today and changing all the hoses as well... how can i stop the fluid coming through the heater vents inside the car???


If all visible hoses look OK then heater matrix is probably holed or its connection to a hose has become loose. You will need to remove the matrix and inspect.

You can do a temporary fix by

You can do a temporary fix by routing the heater hose back onto itself, without going through the heater itself. That will stop the fluid loss till you get the heater itself fixed.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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