New Owner......Hello


Just bought a Sportrak on ebay, never been in one, not yet seen the puppy I bought. Can anyone point out areas I need to look at to know if it is a bad one?

sportrak faults

Hi Rpm, to be honest im not an expert or anything, but all i would do is look for the same things i would do in any car, only pay special attention to the things that differ like the 4wd, power steering, and bearings anything that would be prone to wear and damage when the sporty may have been used for off roading, like rust and/or underside damage, just make sure that when you test drive it you make the drive last for 30 minutes or so, 20 minutes at bare minimum, from a cold start any defects should make themselves known in that time, even better if you could test drive a sporty thats in top condition first so you would have a bench mark to compare just keep your wits about you really and dont be afraid to ask plenty of questions and walk away if you're not satisfied Wink "....getting deep down and dirty since 2001....."

"....getting deep down and dirty since 2001....."