terios 1999, loss of power


We have a daihatsu terios 1999 model, it sometimes wont start hot or cold, and there is a great power loss going up inclines. This results in frequent gear changing just to get up a hill it used to take in 3rd gear . It cant overtake anything on a flat stretch of road either. It was checked out before we bought it a few months ago, all was fine and it drove well.Repairers admit there is a problem but cant find a solution. Can anyone help?puzzled aussie


Poor starting and lack of power uphill .....

1.Possibly a distributor fault.[especially if its a mechanical distributor but yours is probably E.I] Power loss will result if the distributor's timing is not advancing with increased speed.
2.If its not the distributor then fuel is being restricted.

terios power loss solution 1

The car still doesnt want to start but there was a broken key on the crankshaft gear affecting timing and therefore power loss.