second dead gearbox


I think its terminal this time :cry:

Losing 2nd gear - I can't change down from 3rd to 2nd. Sometimes you can get into 2nd gear by changing up from 1st, sometimes it wont go in on the way up either. Sometimes it makes a lot of nasty grindy noises. Plus it suddenly started jumping out of 2nd gear too.

My 1991 2.8 TDX has already had new leaf springs, clutch, exhaust, battery, lots of welding, propshaft and a recon gearbox only 6000 miles ago (14 months). Now this, plus loads of other problems.

Someone please tell me that sometimes they do this and its just the clutch or something???? Its sitting in my mechanic's garden now and I'm waiting to hear the news...


the problem with your g/box is more than likely a nut that has come loose in the box, this was a problem with older fourtracs, if you look through the forums on here there are quite a few postings about the problem including how to fix it. hope this helps mark. Try this link

I searched this forum for 'ge

I searched this forum for 'gearbox' and looked at all the advice, then went out to see my mechanic and we took off the transfer box. Hey presto, the offending loose nut was found and tightened, and the gearbox is fine.

Thankyou everyone, that saved a lot of hassle and money. I'm very happy my fourtrak is not dead SmileSmile

not dead

Glad to hear you've sorted box out, here's wishing you many miles of trouble free motoring. all the best Mark.

Thanks for the advice. It doe

Thanks for the advice. It does sound like the same problem lots of folk have had with the loose nut in the gearbox. My mechanic is going to check it out. I'll let you know what he finds... [fingers crossed!]

Cheers, Gavin.