Odd fuel problem (Fourtrak 2.8TD)



I'm having a rather odd problem with my 1989 Fourtrak 2.8 turbo diesel. If I park it facing uphill then no matter how hard I try, I cannot start it. Pumping the priming pump (after opening the bleed valve) doesn't lift any fuel up and the only way I have got round it is by disconnecting the fuel inlet line to the left of the fuel priming pump/filter and releasing what I presume is an airlock. I can then lift fuel and away she goes. I thought these things had a sealed fuel system so I can only assume that somewhere I have got a leak but I can't find one for the life of me.

Any ideas?



stop running it on the dregs

stop running it on the dregs in the bottom of your tank! lol, seriously it sounds like a air-lock somewhere.. take off the last pipe before the fuel pump and pupmp it through using the primer.. should force out any air, failing that caheck all the joints and seals back to the tank. any perished pipes should be replaced

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