i need advice


i have a red 1989 charade 1.0 3cyl. i know go ahead and laugh. i want to do modifications to it and it is hard to find any parts for it. i guess since it is so old. does anybody have advice for me? this is what is has now. cold air-intake, neons under the seat and on the headliner, after market stage 2 turbo muffler, viper alarm, future underbody neons ordered for it, fog lights and led windshield washer lights, all the lights are red, i also drilled holes in the fog lights because im going to put leds in the casing, replaced bulbs in the dash, and i have been told i can get a civics body kit for it year 87-91 to fit it. i also have thought about ordering about three turbonators. has anybody tried those on any daihatsu and did it do what they say it can do. any advice will be helpful to me. thanx i have nobody else to ask about this.

Dont take this the wrong way

Dont take this the wrong way but, wouldnt you be better using the cash you plan on spending on mods on buying a better car?