Hi-Jet starting problems


Hi I am new to this website.
I have a hi-jet and it will not start, I went to start the car on new years eve and it would not start, I called the breakdown company out and they could not fixed it so they towed me home. The break down guy thought it might be electrical he could not get a spark from the plugs or coil and he could not jump start it. Once home I towed the car to a local garage (not a Daihatsu garage)the bloke at the garage is not sure what the problem is he suggested it could be ignition switch unit got one of these and it still did not work, the bloke at the garage is now saying it could be the distributor but he is not sure. I have tried almost 20 places some local to me and some from the internet but with no luck last week I went into my local Daihatsu dealership they did not have one they checked other Daihatsu dealerships in the uk not one in stock anywhere they said they could order me one from Japan taking at least two weeks with the price over £200. It is now 17th March i'm getting frustated as I just dont know what to do next. Could it be someting else at fault? Any help or suggestions will be of help, thanks in advence Gary

Incorrect name

As I noted in the stating problems for a hi-jet I am new to this website this is the first time on it. I looked at a few messages on the forums and then decided to write one my self and submitted it,it didnt ask me to log on to anything or ask for my name but for some reason it says my message was submitted by a Craig macdonald i'm not called craig macdonald and I dont know of anyone of that name what should I do next? as it dosent seem right have my message under his name and its not fair on craig.


I suggest you email LuRcH. Go to the 'home page' and find LuRcH. If your logged as Craig Macdonald you should be able to click onto LuRcH and send him an email.

White smoke when hot, possibly a head gasket rather than cracked head. Keep lucky!