Sportrack Idle Speed way too high....


Hi all,

Applause 1992 1.6 Gxi (same as sportrack engine)

My idle speed is way to high. varying between 1200 and 1800 rpm. If i run the car for 30 mins or so then turn off the engine, leave it for a good few hours, try it again and the idle speed would be normal.
When the idle speed is high like this, the engine feels like it is hunting, and generally out of tune...but not when it is idling normally (even when i put my foot on the gas).

Can anyone help me with any suggestions of how to combat this please..its driving me nuts! (not to mention plaing hell with my clutch)

Thanks Smile

Check all your vacuum hoses a

Check all your vacuum hoses and, if it has a carb, check the choke and fast idle mechanisims. If it is injection, check the injectors.