cam belt etc - does it matter what make?


i bought a set of belts from milner offroad as my fourtrak is coming up to 60k miles (its 6 yrs old) - i took it to a garage and they quoted £80 labour - i explained i would supply the belts but they said unless they`re from someone they trust - either original daihatsu parts or a recognised motor factors make they couldnt guarantee the work - fair point i suppose?

what do people think?

OK, I'm a wimp on this.

I always buy the Daihatsu part as opposed to trusting some 'other make'. It's just too expensive if an inferior quality belt lets go, just for the sake of maybe an extra £25 for the Daihatsu part.

I was offered a good deal on Goodyear timing belts at an auto factor I use, but they were out of stock for 'oddball' Jap vehicles .... plenty of belts for Peugeots though. If I could find the Goodyear belt cheaper than Daihatsu, then I would go for that .... wouldn't surprise me that the Daihatsu part is a 'badged' Goodyear belt anyway !