Colway macho or mt


Has anyone fitted their F70 or 75 with those tyres and how did the car take it? street handling and offroad..


dont touch them with a barge pole they are recon casings from any company goodyear mich etc with tread stuck to them i have never fitted them after a friend had a bad smash when the casing and tread parted company avoid like the plague i know there cheap try marshalls if money is the worry but their the only part of the car that touches the road jamie


When i bought the rocky it ha

When i bought the rocky it had and still has colway at tyres and they have hold their ground quite well.. i'm just trying to make the vehicle better for off road (winch, tyres, armour...). people driving suzuki 4x4 in off road have complimented the macho tyres. and 'cause driving off road one might slice the tyres in rocks, wood etc. it is cheaper to use cheap tyres Wink someone said that they might use tyre bodies from lorries..

colway tire

i had colway AT on my sj 413 and wore them to the bone
i though they were great on road and real good of road as i used it for shooting and fishing and getting to those hard to reach places
i have just fitted 235 r75 15 colway AT to my sportrax and it has improved the ride handling and grip i respect the apinon of them being remolds but if it has a eu make it can not be to bad and there cheap
have fun and i hope i have been of some use

because the importer had prob

because the importer had problems delivering colway/ greenway tyres i chose insa turbo sahara tyres. with few days gone, exellent tyres for off-roading. with melting snow and mud and soft sand, i just needed 2wd to go forward! exellent back-up that 4wd if you would be stuck but no.. there weren't any hills to climb so we'll see next weekend how far i can go with sahara Wink (i'll have a friend to pull me out of the harms way)