a no good sound


Hi, i´m a new member from sweden and i just got my first 4wd yesterday, a feroza -92. the problem is when i do a full turn it sounds like something is wrong around the front wheel area, like something is about to snap (i have a bit of a broblem with spelling so i´m not sure of how to describe it correctly hopefully you uderstand it anyway)
does anyone know what this may be??

not so good noise

When you turn your wheel onto full lock it comes up against a metal stop under the car.

Turn the wheel as far as you can and then crawl under the car to find the metal stop, and the cover it with grease. Repeat on the other side.

A dirty mind is a joy forever

A dirty mind is a joy forever

If it does it when you are dr

If it does it when you are driving with 4x4 and you turn all the way to the left or right and it is a clanging (tap-tap-tap,,) sound it might be your left or right pulljoint (not the right word 'cause not speaking english as mother tongue). anyway it delivers force to the tyre from the diff.. someone with better english skills might be able to tell you what i mean.. good luck and wellcome to the great world of 4x4's


I know what parts you are talking about and i was thinking it could be something like that, i´m waiting for spring to come so i can work on the car whitout freesing my balls of,

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CV joint.

If the sound [clank clank clank ...]is whilst driving left OR right in a tight circle[full lock]its a constant velocity joint and not the ball joint. Note .. you wont get the same noise on both right and left full lock unless both CV's have failed which is extremely unlikely.
If the sound [knock knock..] is whilst cornering braking or going over bumps its likely to be a ball joint.
Alternative noise from >>>>> When parked if the steering wheel turns more than a few centimetres without movement transmitted to either/both front wheel then a track-rod-end is failing.

I had (in my -89 rocky) a pro

I had (in my -89 rocky) a problem with that clank- noise. the noise came from left front tyre when turning tight corner, i changed the cv joint??? and it stopped from the left but now i hear it from the right and while fixing the front diff i could hear grease "slurp" and the wheel turned almost 1/4 turn before it moved the diff.. so both were gone but the left was worse. when the summer comes i'll change the right joint and re-new a few bearings in the front axl so it must feel like new after that Wink and i must get some sort of "mechanical" english- finnish book.. but you are absolutely right that the noise came only with tight cornering with 4x4!! p.s. mine didn't have manual hubs before i installed them so driving in asphalt killed them..


feroza el 2

Well the soud comes in 2wd and 4wd but it seems like i need to turn full and att the same time drive up a hill ore some thing and get some load on the front of the car, really hard to explain when i cant express it in writing and there is only about 27 ferozas sold in sweden so thehe is not a lot help or information to get, but i wont give up i´m going to solve this either one way or another.

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