Terios Differential Probs


My Terios (2000 Model) works fine with no problems , only when i switch on the differential lock i experience problems when the car is slowing down , its like the brakes have been applied (when they havent)and the car grinds to a halt. i can only get the car moving again by switching off the differerential.

any help would be appreciated

Re: Diff Probs

Sounds like tramsmission wind up to me. Have you got different sized tyres on the front and rear axles? Or even a worn pair on one axle and a newish pair on the other? If the tyres are even slightly different sizes they will have a different diameter and therefore the distance travelled by one revolution of each wheel will be different. The diff lock does not allow this to happen, so causes "wind-up" in the transmission components which feels like the problem you described. I'm sure you already know, but the diff lock should never be engaged on hard surfaces e.g. roads. It is for loose surfaces like gravel only, where a small amount of wheel slip and slide is possible to prevent the "wind-up".