fourtrak 2.8Td EL 1989


Hi is it true that a common fault on these vehicles is that the synchro in second gear can become weak and make it difficult to shift down to second gear.I am currently about to purchase one of these.
Any help or info about what to look for fault wise would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks Smile


the older model fourtrak did suffer with a second gear problem, but this is usually caused by a nut inside the gearbox coming loose which if retightened cures the problem, but have been told by local mechanic that this was fixed by diahatsu in the later models at some stage before the independant was introduced. As with any vehicle a good visual inspection and a test drive before buying should give a reasonable idea of how good or bad it is, also its worth making sure the 4wd is all working ok on a test drive as this is often overlooked, your best to do this off road though on a dirt track is ideal hope this helps mark


have you any idea how easy this nut is to get at.


havnt done one myself, but some members on here have, one was only a couple of weeks back so sure someone will tell you. if you look through the forums on here there is quite a bit of info about how to do it hope this helps mark