Newbie says hello.

Hi folks
Just throwin' my hat into the ring, can I have it back please?
Mine is a Fourtrak TDX, approx five years old(S)
Bought by me from new, the Daihatsu dealer went "bump" the week after delivery.
I was "issued" to another main dealer who has been brilliant, though for the money he should also squeeze my being the kiss of death he has also stopped Daihatsu-ing, although he is prepared to still work on it but order any parts. This week he collected the beast took it for an MOT and delivered it all nice and jet-washed. £33.00 for a twenty-odd mile journey, not bad?
Car has done 87000 miles and (dare I say it?)never missed a beat.
I am a big bearded bloater of a 47 year old bloke and I STILL love the noise of the engine, my first diesel. Matron says this is quite normal.
I hope to pester you in the future about value of inter-cooling but for now I am much enjoying mooching around the site.
I must admit that initially I would wave at 4-Trak drivers (Matron doesn't know about this)but the miserable gits just looked at me aghast. After listening to you lot I might try again, obviously a new wind of change is wafting thru Daihatsu pilots.
How do I tell which model mine is? i.e. F80 etc
I enjoy your company folks. Thanks.