Glow Plug Voltage


What voltage do my glow plugs require on a 1999 2.8td daihatsu fourtrack thanks.

Glow plug voltage

If they`re the same as mine, a 2.8 td 1988 fourtrak, then they run on 7 volts.
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.... but they get 12 Volts applied to them

They take a while to warm up, so the control box gives them full battery volts for the time it calculates should warm them up (that's why the glow light is on longer in cold weather).

Just after the engine is started, you will hear the heavy-duty relay that's mounted on the bulkhead clunking away to give the plugs a bit more of a boost to keep the engine running smoothly while it's still cold.

You will see the current sensor resistance between the rear glow plug and No3. This reduces the voltage somewhat for the front 3 glow plugs, but the rear plug gets full battery volts ..... funnily enough it's this one that burns out first and is the one to check first when you find the engine starting up on 3 cylinders on cold days.