Charade SL

Hi All, just bought a new Silver Daihatsu Charade SL for my wife Jackie, my car is a Smart Passion. Not seen many of these Daihatsu's about so far, have many been sold?

We had previously a Daihatsu Charade 1.3 1996 P reg and Jackie had it for seven years, no problems except for a new clutch.

We are taking our new car for it's first long run tomorrow and note from the manual that you should not exceed 55mph for the first 1,000 miles not mentioned by the dealer!! They do not seem to state running in periods very much these days unless you ask.

Radio is a bit naff it is a Clarion and in strong sunlight you cannot see the display. Only one parcel shelf cord, even though there are facilities for two i.e. cord hole in shelf and clip location mount on the tailgate.

Build quality is not as good as the previous model we had, but it cost more in 1996, the other extras make up for it. Air Con Wow, definately the biz and cheap VED.

More later I think as we settle in Smile



Charade SL follow on.

Did not go to far about hundred and fifty miles round trip yesterday, the SL reminds me of my Smart, good on the flat, lags a bit on hills. Reviews read before said it was a non motorway car and suffered from side winds, well with a 30c plus heat we did not get any side winds yesterday, seemed alright on the motorway doing 70 ish Wink Pulls away okay in second, air con was a blessing as mentioned before and we did enough of RTFM before we started with the car radio and finally sussed it out, ruddy screen saver!! and we also did the tour of the car manual.

Do you know you do not see another old style Charade for weeks on end and then I drove around the corner from our place this morning and what did I find another P job! parked up.

Anyway that's all for now folks probably will not write now for the next six months and the middle of winter. I can't see us going on Charade SL runs with the club.......probably need a Fourtrak!!


Phil Manning
Surrey UK

Daihatsu Charade SL & Smart Passion

Phil Manning
Surrey UK

Daihatsu Charade SL & Smart Passion