My boyfriend recently change my brake pads but could not get the small shims back on with the pads, these weren't the manifactures brake pads so they were left off. Now when i brake there is a clanging sound coming from the front of my fourtrak 1993, could this be from the pads, any ideas? or help would be appreciated. Also has anyone got any good carpet for my fourtrak. Please Adele

Anti rattle springs.

The 'shims' are anti-rattle springs. They stop the pad vibrating and prevent the pad wedging itself between the caliper and brake disc. Replace them or your brakes will seeze/rapid wear etc.
The piston needs forcing fully into the cylinder to get enough space to fit the unit into the caliper. I usually use a G-cramp. Ease the piston into the cylinder but take care that the brake fluid does not overflow its reservoir.


He has tried to put anti-rattle springs back in this morning but no matter what he does they will not go in. Should i have got some new ones in with the brake pads because there was none? And i am thinking that they might have given me the wrong brake pads.Or is there some other way that they should go in? Thank you for your last reply, Adele Help


Old ones go back. You dont get new with replacement pads. New are probably difficult to obtain unless ordered from daihatsu. Have the disc cylinders been pushed right back into the caliper? You will need a G cramp or force - hand pressure is often insufficient.A fraction protruding and the pads with springs wont fit. Try brushing any rust from the calipers.