Help!,Panel lights and rear lights gone


hi, I just got a charade Xi 1.3 several days ago, cause the seller didnot intall the CD&radio for me, My friend and I tried to install it ourself, but unforthunatly after we tested the power line for the CD ( there are lots of lines which we canot discriminate which is which) we didnot find the power line with the help of the meter. so we gave up and hope to send it to a garage now. The problem I got is when I turned the lights on at night , the rear red light and panel lights were gone, I think we must do something stupid at the power line (short cut?)and destroy something to the other parts of the car circut at the same time.

Does anybody know where the problem is? and how to fix it? how much i would spend to fix it in garage? Cray 2

Thanks a lot.


sounds like you might of blown a fuse, so i would check your fuses first. regards mark

Much, Thanks so much.

I checked the fuse,and the gauge one blowed up. Thanks so much ,mark
Save me a lot of money.:D