overheating with my sportrack 16v petrol injection


For the first time in my 2 years of owning "Bob the jeep" he has brokendown, recovered by the AA. Since changing a water pump approx 1000 miles ago he has not lost any coolant but has ran slightly above normal temp when travelling over 65-70mph. Then yesterday on the M1 having covered approx 60 miles the temp climbed a little more than usual about 2/3 before danger sector, I slowed down and the temp went back to just over 1/2. approx 20 miles later the temp started going up rapidly and I lost power gradually I pulled over and switched off, the temp just short of danger. My initial reaction was head gasket. I checked the oil cap and dip stick no sign of water both are normal. The expansion resevoir and rad were both still at normal levels, this was confusing. The AA patrol tested the water for exhaust gas, none were present. Following various other electrical checks he diagnosed a possible injection problem, making Bob run weak and causing hotter running before finally packing up.

Has anyone experienced similar and can possibly identify what the failed component maybe?

What sort of mileage do head gaskets do?

All the belts are relatively new and well adjusted, timing belt was replaced at last service along with plugs (NGK), air filter, and I change oil every 5k. Current mileage is 86k

Any help would be appreciated.

If "Bob" is out of tune, as y

If "Bob" is out of tune, as you suspect, then the tailpipe of the exhaust will be deviod of soot, and It's worth looking at the plugs - they'll be a silvery white if weak.
IF there has been slight overheating since the pump was put in, and it has been filled correctly (Any airlocks? Does the heater work?) then I'd say the new pump is inneffcient.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

out of tune

Thanks Dave

Will investigate old plugs, fit new stat, time him up, and see how we go.


Chris Mac

Chris McMahon

Hot Bob

without being there and seeing it my first thought is the thermostat may be sticking. I Have just suffered a similar scenario, albeit with an older carburreted version, when I bought the motor it ran hot and I traced a leak to the heater matrix. No sooner had I found a "new" one in the scrapper and replaced it than the temperature gauge ran riot, and the engine would not run at normal.
The only way to test the Stat is to remove it and put it into a jug of boiling water and see if it opens. Two things to watch for:
to remove the 'stat you have to first remove the power steering pump (not a major job but still a pain)
and if a new stat is needed be careful to check you have the right replacement. When I got one from Halfords it was smaller than the one fitted, and had a different operating temperature, and a friend of mine sourced one via his works and it was the same as the Halfords one.
It may be that the Halfords Stat is for the Injection model but you need to check.
As far as the gasket is concerned, as long as it remains in its designed environment its live is indefinite,the main cause of Head gasket failure tends to be excessive temperature caused bu failure in the cooling system


Thanks evans,

I have ordered stat from dealers and keep fingers crossed.

Many thanks

Chris Mac

Chris McMahon

overheating sportrak 16v

I have had similar problems with mine and even had the head gasket changed. Subsequently I have had the entire colling system including radiator flushed and still didn't solve.

I have been told subsequently, having spent all my money, that a common cause as Sportrak's get older is that they have a thermocoupled fan, which free wheels when the engines cold but tenses up as the engine heats up. It's supposed to be locked virtually solid at normal temperatures. I gather the thermodynamic link between pump and fan can fail and the fan then continues to free wheel intermitently causing the sorts of temperature fluctuations you and I are seeing. As I'm not a techy, I'm not sure if this is true or not but might be worth checking.

overheating sportrak 16v

i previously asked qeustions with regards to high temp after purchasing my sporty recently from auction, i replaced small hose at back of distributer to sort water leak. but sporty has eratic temprature just as described above. so were do i go from here, replace viscous fan or replace thermostat??????.and jinstone is yours driving ok apart from high temp .