perhaps a stupid one


Hi again!
can it be so simple that if the 4x4 light on the dash doesn´t
glow the lamp is broken or do i have a bigger problem, like there is no 4wd. The low gear works fine but dont know if it
turn the front wheels. Had a go on a gravel road an houe ago
but couldnt tell if it was 2 or 4 wd because the dirt was so packed. any clues ??

Your 4x4


What 4x4 do you have? I guess a fourtrak, what year etc....manual 4x4 on stick or button on dash? Scratch one-s head



the car is

a feroza el II and it´s a manual 4x4 with a stick and it is a 1992 fuel injected 1,6 l

feroza el 2

4wd or poss not!

Check out the transmission switch, these are usually "make or break" so if you short it out the light should light, telling you the switch is either in need of adjustment (if poss) or knackered.


where can i find the transmission switch, i have orderd a service manual but it´s going to take another week untill i get it.

Thanks /Mike

feroza el 2

There should be two sensore w

There should be two sensore with wires running to them, one on the tansmission and the other on the transfer case.

The transmission sensor turns on the reverse lights.

The transfer case sensor turns on the 4WD light.

If you shift the 2WD/4WD gear leaver into 4H the light comes on if the sensor shorts out the two wires going to it.

If you short the two wires and the light comes on, the sensor is bad. If the light doesn't come on, it is somthing in the wiring or dash.


a lot Aldo i´ll crawl under the car tomorrow and have a look

feroza el 2

very confused abot this

Well, today i pulled the dashboard apart and checked the light bulbs
and they were ok. the i raised one front wheel and put yhe car in 4wd and i couldnt move the wheel but i could once it was i 2wd, so it seems to be working just fine exept for the light on the instrument panel....where should i look next.


feroza el 2


an easy way to tell is to get someone to stand outside the trak on a loose surface ie gravel and pull away with enough power to spin the wheels and see if the front ones spin as well