Hi Folk's and a question


Hi everyone, just bought a Sport Trak (89 EL) for £100. Lovely condition inside and out except the head gaskets gone. I bought it as a project and to use as a bit of fun when it's all up and running. While the heads off i'll rebuild it and do anything else i notice.
Now the question:
I used to have a old Shogun and you couldnt run it in 4WD on normal roads due to "winding up the diff" Shok is it the same with the Sporty? i know you dont reccomend it for fuel consumption purposes but will is this the same?
I've been through the "driving tips" and it doesnt mention it.

Cheers in advance


SmiffyYup I would advice


Yup I would advice not to run in 4wd on tarmac under normal road conditions or you will risk winding up the transmission.It would be ok under adverse driving conditions such as ice or snow when traction to all 4 wheels is required ...and of course when offroading in the mud,on grass etc.
Some vehicles are designed with permanent 4wd..your sporty aint one of em !!!

4wd on normal roads

i would'nt recommend 4wd drive on normal road use specifically because of fuel consumption.i use my sporty in 4wd for a few minutes every second or third day and my petrol hand just
" drops "

It's the same for all 4wd/2wd

It's the same for all 4wd/2wd cars. They don't have a centre diff, as they don't need one. When in 4wd there is 50% drive going to each axle at all times (same as a permanent 4X4 car, with the centre diff locked). When cornering the front wheels want to go slightly faster than the rear wheels, but can't as the transfur box is not allowing it. This causes transmition wind up. It also causes excessive tyre ware, as the tyres have to slightly spin, or drag in order to alow the car to corner.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.