F50 F75 F80???? HELP


I have a 1998 Fourtrak (S reg)
How do I know what "F" it is?
Sorry to be dumb.

under the bonnet or the regis

under the bonnet or the registration document at the chassis number in the middle of the chassis number there is an f with 2 numbers after it thats your model

Is there much difference 'tween F77 and 78?

This dumb newbie has ordered a manual for F70 F75 and the F77 which I understand is the van.
Mine, oh lordy the grief, is an F78.
Is anything the same?
thanks for your help so far

I think you'll find all the o

I think you'll find all the oily bits are covered by your manual.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Pretty much covered

Think pretty much everything is covered in the manual even though you have a F78. The main difference I think is some bodywork and a bit of tidying up of the interior (I don't own a Fourtrak so may be wrong). But pretty much everything mechanical wise is pretty much the same.

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