Auto Locking Hubs (maybe)


Hi there,
Have just bought a 1995 sportrak , problem seems to be... when i select 4wd and drive forwards after a short distance there is a horrible noise.... sort of rubbing grating noise.. if i re select 2wd and reverse (to get back into 2wd ) the noise stops.... Am i right in thinking that there is something wrong with the auto locking hubs Unknw I'm taking it back to the garage i bought it from on wednesday for them to have a look.. would like to have some idea as they generally try and fob us off when a girl comes in.. i know plenty about normal cars but not 4x4's . tis al new to me Cray 2 thanks

Freewheeling hubs

My younster has a 1600ELXI which has lost four wheel drive. Presume this is because one of the hubs has given up the ghost.Question is. If this is the case can I retrofit manual hubs. Not a lot of breakers round our way.

I think you can.... but the g

I think you can.... but the garage are replacing the faulty hub for me this weekend without much bother . I'm sure i saw somewhere how to retro fit manual hubs , try doing a google search for it Smile

Manual hubs

You can fit manual hubs quite easily on a Sportrak, I had to on my 93 ELXi.

I wouldn't bother with a scrap yard though as there's no comeback if they break and new ones aren't that expensive.

Got mine from Milner Off Road(I think) and they took about half hour to fit both (and I'm nowhere near being a mechanic):-)