Replace Cam Belt - Or Not?


Hi, I am in Macclesfield in Cheshire, and I am in love with 2.8TD Daihatsu Fourtrak's. I have just bought a 1987 2.8TD Long wheel base. I do not know the history, but I am concerned about the cam belt - how can I tell if it has been replaced? If it hasnt, how much will it cost me to replace it - I will pay whatever it costs cos "I love my Di" - but dont want to be ripped off. Can I get hold of 2 newer front seats, the ones in the Di I have just bought are PVC/material and are craked/torn. I dont realy want to buy new seats, they would ruin the rugged looks - but I wouldnt mind some nice velor comfy seats (in grey) that I could just bolt in. Also mud flaps for the rear if anyone has any going. Please let me know as soon as poss. I have tried to submit a reques in the wanted section for Rear Door Hinges as the upper one is broken clean off and I cannot open the door. If anyone has one, let me know how much including P&P and consider the cheque in the post - as you can tell I need this hinge urgently!!! Many thanks.