Releasing diff filler/drain plugs


I'm trying to replace the oil in the diffs, but the filler plugs are seized. I've tried tapping them with a hammer, heat, and I'm currently trying wd40 on a daily basis.

Any suggestions?



Since there is oil on the inside I am suprised they are 'seized'.Use an appropriate spanner [square type used for brake adjustment - buy from local motor shop] and you should have no problem. Conventional spanner/open ended will not do the job.

On my old rocky I had to beat

On my old rocky I had to beat the buggers off!
took a mash hammer to them and they turned eventually

I agree get hold of the corre

I agree get hold of the correct spanner and dont tap it m8 ...belt it hard and the nut will turn...Mine were so tight I eneded up using a stilson wrench (as used by plumbers)..worked a treat.