4trak rear screen heater


The rear screen heater on my 4trak F75 is not working. The switch lights up, and I'm getting voltage across the connections. The grid (for want of a better word) across the screen is broken on some lines, but most look fine.

Any ideas?

Can the grid be replaced?


Heated rear screen element repair

If you've got 12v at the screen connectors and its not working the element must be damaged. At one time you could get special repair paint, it came in a similar container to typex (correction fluid). You applied it (using the brush fitted to the inside of the lid) to the break in each line of the heater elemant. The paint contained silver particles to allow the electical current to pass through. I haven't seen any for ages though and it was quite pricey for the size of the bottle, but small change compared to a new glass. If you've got any back street motor factors in your area ,(ye olde motor spares with the old fella' in the brown overall and flat cap, that's worked there since he was a lad - type of place) you might find some.
If you can't get hold of any repair paint then you'll need a door/glass from a scrappy or a new glass

If you are anywhere near me I

If you are anywhere near me I have a spare rear door glass that has an intact heater in it.
as long as you leave me your old one you can have it...