Insurance on a soft top?



Ive just put a soft top on my much loved sporty (and yes it has rained ever since!) and contacted my insurance company, esure, to let them know as I was advised to do this by the guy I got it from. My premium hasnt gone up which is great, the only problem is that it now has some exclusions. One of them is that I do not have personal cover , If i lose a limb or heaven forbid my life they do not make any payment out for this. One of the other exclusions is that due to the soft top, if i have an accident and have to call an ambulance I have to pay for the ambulance which is apparently around £100!!
I understand that there is now less protection because of my soft top but this is crazy, if I'm going to be unlucky enough to have an accident it's certainly not going to be because my roof is different. :mad:

Has anyone else had any problems with this kind of thing?

has anyone ever had to pay for an ambulance call to an RTA?