my first

hi there, my names ady and i have been running a suzuki sj for the last couple of years, woke up and thought one day, mmmm.... need a diahatsu so now im a proud owner of a 1986 2.0 el fourtrak estate.
ive started moding her... took the roof off and turned it into a short base pick up, next job is a spring over axle lift, i want to go everywhere! then a set of 33x12.5's i think. saw a web site in auzzie land of one that had been lifted and it looked amazing! So hope to hear from people soon and is there anyone else with an extensivly modded diahatsu?? i would sure like to have a chat about it. tata for now.



Would be interested to see wot you do !

Hi Ady..Like you,we had a little SJ413 for a cple of years, and for sheer fun..couldnt beat it..but then swapped it for a 95 Independent which ive had for about 4 years now..apart from the usual cosmetic bits, Side steps,lightguards,bullbar etc other major changes,but have spoken to the guys at LA Supertrux in daventry,who,for about £700 will give it about a 4" lift, which i,d like to well as fit the biggest wheels poss. We off.road quite a bit, and apart from the looks,the lift would improve the capabilities as well. I,m not that technically minded,but I believe the earlier,non independent model is much easier to do.Good luck and would like to see the finished article!

finished article

hi there well finished article is finished!!!! did spring over axle but had problem with shocks topping out! so fitted longer shackles and seems to have sorted the problem. and yes it looks a beast! getting digi camera soon so ill post some pics as soon as i work out how to use it!!!! running 31x10.5x15's at mo but waiting for delivery of 35's cant wait. also toying with idea of second transfer box to cope with larger wheels, will help with rock crawling too hopefully. well im off to get dirty so have a good christmas and new year and ill get pics sorted as soon as possible! cheers