changing a cv gater


can anyone help me, i have a 95 independent that needs a new cv gator, but having taking the shaft out i cannot find anyway to part the cv from the shaft- thought there would be a circlip to remove? and that would pop off to put a new one on,does anyone know how to split a cv joint off the drive shaft so i can put a new gater on. there has to be a way the mot is due

Same problem please help!

Hi I have exactly the same problem as above. I have a 95 independent (RHD) and can't see any way whatsoever to part the CV joint on the nearside.

I have read all the posts on this forum about this, I have cut off the outer gaiter and cleaned the outer cv joint completely.

Looking at the outer CV joint (i.e. the one closest to the wheel) I can see the drive shaft splines, a part that fits over the splines, the balls, and a large part that fits over the top of the balls half way between the shaft and the outer metal casing of the cv joint. The metal casing is a green colour.

I have 20:20 vision and have used a torch, but I can't see anything resembling a clip of any sort. I'm starting to think my fourtrak is different to everyone else's!!

Is the clip by any chance in the inner cv joint (i.e. closest to the axle flange)?

Can someone please explain how I can get the joint apart so I can fit new gaiters?

Thanks in advance.



cv gaiter

I am not exactly sure of the set up of your cv but some types have an internal spring clip that holds the cv onto the shaft, to remove the cv put the shaft into a vice and gently tap the cv with a copper mallet, the cv should move relatively easily, other option is the circlip is on the end of the drive shaft inside the cv and you have to dismantle the cv the get at it. Final option is to buy a gaiter cone fitting tool from local motor factor with this you don't strip the cv you stretch the gaiter over the cone into position using a lube. Just thought have you got the shaft out of the car? some you have to strip inner end to fit gaiter onto outer cv.

Good Luck!