Fuel smell from rear


I'm writing from Malaysia where I drive a 97 Feroza SE. I am trying to trace a petrol smell from the rear of the car. I have checked all pipes to / from the tank and they seem to be in good condition with no sign of splits / leaks. There are also several pipes connected to a small plastic box which I understand is a 'vapour trap' (unsure of actual technical name). Do these ever malfunction bearing in mind it is forever hot here in Malaysia. If anyone has any other suggestions it would be very much appreciated. Note I have serviced the carb and replaced all seals so I dont think that is the source.

Take the fuel tank off and ch

Take the fuel tank off and check it, and all the pipes and hoses, for leaks or blockage.

Also check the Charcoal Canister in the engine compartment.

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The BVSV valves between the canister and carburetor must not be blocked, and must be installed the right way around.

The plastic tank behind the s

The plastic tank behind the side panel has a split in it. A well known problem with Ferozas.
Search the Daihatsu section of www.outerlimits4x4.com for the answer, as it has been discussed on there numerous times.
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