Continuing odd fuel problems!



I posted something recently about having an odd problem with fuel not getting lifted if I parked my 4trak uphill!

It has got worse!! It now will not lift fuel at all. I have inspected the entire fuel system, replaced the fuel filter and also the main fuel line and return (they were snotty rotten) and no joy. It will not lift fuel up with the priming pump and even plumbing the fuel line straight into the fuel pump (with an inline hiflow filter) I have no joy in starting.

I can sometimes get fuel up to the pump and when I do and loosen the injectors a little bit, I get fuel spat out about 8" so I think that it is pumping fuel out properly but not lifting it correctly. This is the second fuel pump I have had in this thing and the thought of changing it again fills me with dread!

Fuel pump dodgy or could it be totally air locked? Any ideas on bleeding it?



RE fueling probs

Hello rob

I am having a similar type problem, have a look at my posting "More weird fourtrak fueling problems ".... any luck with your problem yet Unknw :



I have replaced the metal fuel lines from front to back and also replaced all the rubber hose in the engine compartment. Also I have fitted a new fuel filter.

I thought it might be the fuel tank (showing 3/4 full) as it ran beautifully when I stuck the fuel inlet pipe into a gallon of diesel. However, on dumping the contents of the fuel tank into a bucket I had less than 5 litres of fuel in the tank! Looks like I might have solved the initial problem in replacing the crappy cracked fuel lines and I actually have a dicky sender unit on the tank causing my "lack of fuel lifting to pump" problem. The only way to find out is by filling her up and trying. Here's hoping.

Have you tried replacing the filter head. It isn't unknown for them to go wrong. Also, try replacing the rubber hose from the main fuel line to the filter and also the bit from the outlet pipe to the pump - cheap and cheerful and might just do it.

In the meantime, I recommend that you get one of those inline fuel filters (about a fiver) just to save your fuel pump! You would have to prime and bleed the engine by turning it over whilst loosening the inlets to the injectors slightly one by one and then retightening them once air has stopped coming out.

Crude but effective!



Its just a thought but are there two fuel pumps fitted to a 4track? I believe common rail diesel have two pumps .. one from the tank and another to pump excess back to the tank. This is common on freelanders. I have a petrol sportrac and diesel discovery, no 4track, so its just an idea !

Is it not liftting at all, or

Is it not liftting at all, or trying to pump air? I ask becouse I had a simmilare problem on an F50 once. It turned out to be a hole in the lift pipe inside the fual tank. I solved it by putting a second drop pipe in.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.