Internal Lights/rear door lock on a Feroza EL II,


Hi to All,
I have recently bought a Feroza EL II and she is a sweet 4x4 to get around in. The only problem i am having with her is that non of the internal lights are working, i have checked the bulbs and they are fine, i have also checked the contacts with a multimeter and there is no power. I cant seem to find any fuses for the lights(under the steering column, near the battery). Does anyone know if there is a fuse for the internal lights and if so where are they, or what might be the problem?
Also the rear door locking swtich does not seem to work(located by the hand break), does anyone have any past knowledge with this problem?
Thanks for any help you can give.


There is an electrical soleno

There is an electrical solenoid in the rear door that locks/unlocks the same mechanism as the key, but using separate linkage.

It gives a loud 'clunk' when you press the switch.

The shaft of my solenoid was bent, so I got a replacement from a scrap yard.