Basic Timing Setup Help Wanted For 1.6 16v Sportrack 91


Can anyone please help me whilst I aquire a servicing manual. I have just aquired 1.6 16v Sportrack 91. Appeared to be underpowered so I had alook around and found 2 vacum pipes off from the rear of the engine area. I have put them back where I think they go, but it has not made a great difference. Could someone have tried to set it up with pipes off??. I cannot say if the many pipes are in the correct place I. Can anyone tell me the basic engine timings and how to do it, I am awaiting a manual but it may take some time as I live overseas. I am going through fuel at a great rate, proven by the jet black plugs. many thanks to anyone who can help. First time using board so pls bare with me.


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Any off board help please use
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thanks ( See told you I had not used the board before )