miles per gallon


I think my feroza el 2 is a bit thirsty, how much gas does your sportrak/ferozas want?
one would think that a relatively modern engine with fuel injection could make do under a litre/10 kilometers whe driving allmost in 2wd onley, my car wants about 1,2 litres/10 kilometers.

one mile is 1,609344 kilometrs

will i get a better fuel ecomoni with a fri flowing air filter?
i run stock tires

just curious


If my arithmetic is correct that is 23.5 MPG (imperial gallons)which is about what mine does. Not bad but could be better. The EFI is unlikely to be wrong. The best you can do is to clean or replace the injectors, renew spark plugs and check the timing.


Never managed to get more than 22 mpg out of mine. It averages 20.3 mpg over 13000 miles.

I've changed the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, it's had a complete fluid change (including gearbox & diffs) and had the injectors cleaned. it even seems to make no difference if my right foot is heavy or light.

The only difference is if it's off road when the average drops to 18.6 mpg but I've only done about 150 miles off road since I've had it.


Hi, I am a Norwegian owner of a Rocky 2.8TD 1991 mod. 140000 Km. I filled her up today, and the fuel consumption was 0.85 Km. Pr. 10 Km. Not bad. Smile


About 28mpg. Change your air filter its probably dirty.


Yes i guess you are right, tomorrow i´ll get it back from service (timing belt, oils etc.) i´m going to install a sports filter from a company that´s called FORZA then fill it up and see if it makes a different.


feroza el 2

Miles pr. gallon

Hi again. I am so sorry. Blush You have a gasoline engine, not diesel. But anyway, I think that my Rocky is cheep on the diesel. I did not notice that you have a gasoline engine. Turbo Diesel Rock !!!


My sportrak does around the 30mpg (N reg xi)
you have to stick to around 50-60 mph to get that
The biggest factors are dirty air filters and worn valves