Lowering A Daihatsu Coure Avanzato TRXX-R4


Can anyone recomend a lowering spring kit for my Daihatsu Coure Avanzato TRXX-R4?

The only ones ive found so far say they are for L501 version but would they fit my L512 version?

lowering a L512

The 512 is the 4wheel drive one yes?

If so they are the ones that were used as rally cars, I had one of those and the front suspension was Bilstein adjustable platform struts. There were Bilstein dampers on the rear as well but Im not sure what springs were used.

I lowered mine at the back to get a bit more damper travel because I was lifting my inside rear wheel too much and losing traction in corners, Im afraid I did it the slightly agricultural way of chopping one coil out of the springs and cutting half the bump stop away. Crude but it worked.

At the moment there is a chap on Ebay going by the user name of Cuorediddly who has got a lot of avanzato parts, if your lucky he might have a set of the bilstein struts.