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Hi again everyone,
I'm about to drop my sportrak to the garage to get the drivers auto f/wheeling hub replaced.... they have started saying they dont know how long it will take and that something may break when they try and do it... i'm getting a bit fed up with them now.... how long should it take to replace 1 hub Unknw should i just take the part from them and get it done at a garage nearer to home Unknw
Or should i give up and get someone who knows what they are doing to retro fit manual hubs Unknw
I do need to have 4wd working cos of where i live, Any advice would be appreciated .

It should take someone compet

It should take someone competent no more than an hour to do. Someone with experience, and the correct tools even less.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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no luck

Hub has been replaced by the garage.. i was assured that they had tested it.. went out of the garage and tried it myself, lo and behold same horrible grinding noise coming from the car and no 4wd , they have now decided that its an internal gear/transfer box problem and are going to replace one or both of these....


PS . it took them 4 hours to fit ONE hub

.... did they bill you for 4 hours ?

Now, I don't know Sportys so well, but to fit a PAIR of manual FW hubs to my 4trak took me about 20 mins.

If they billed you for 4 HOURS, then I think your next stop is Trading Standards. We hear of the blatant ripoffs by so-called professional mechanics * and this bears all the hallmarks of one :mad:

I would be very wary of letting them anywhere near your gearbox, because you can expect a bill exceeding £1000 even for a proper job, especially because it seems that the cannot diagnose the difference between hubs and gearbox !

* They like to call themselves Engineers, BTW. If your name is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, then you can call yourself an Engineer, otherwise, like me, you go to Uni, then do 5 years postgraduate experience in industry, submit a resume, get interviewed by an appropriate Engineering Institution and only then get to call yourself a Chartered Engineer !

.... descends from soapbox

only a demon buys a lemon!

only a demon buys a lemon!

Hi Mate, if you ever do need hubs springs or anything else, try looking at Milner 4x4 website first. They are based in matlock, derbys, but do mail order, i have had a few bits off them and have worked out that i have saved a massive 68% on what i was quoted for parts only from the garage.

only a demon buys a lemon!